Carpet Cleaning in Rotherham

Bring your carpets back to life with a thorough cleaning from Tunny’s of Rotherham. After we have finished cleaning you will be amazed at how amazing your carpet looks and feels.

Carpet cleaning is the main stay of our business in the Rotherham and the  surrounding areas. Tunny’s use only the best commercial grade equipment and cleaning agents, we can renew all but the very worst stained and  soiled carpets and give them a new lease of life, saving you hundreds of pounds on the cost of replacing a carpet.

All our technicians are fully trained and insured to give you peace of mind. We offer a full service, moving and replacing furniture and then carrying out a multi-step cleaning process that leaves your property smelling fresh and clean.

If you have any questions about our technique or equipment, or if you live in  Rotherham or the surrounding areas and  would like to book a free, no-obligation quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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Our 8 stage carpet cleaning process


Step 1 – Inspection of your carpet

Before we start to clean your carpet we will inspect for and stains or areas that may need any attention or any problems you tell us about 

Step 2 – Commercial vacuuming of the Carpet 

Using a commercial grade vacuum cleaner we extract all the embedded dry soil trapped in your carpet this can make up to 85% of the soiling in your carpet

 Step 3 –  Stain Treatment

Stains are all treated prior to cleaning using professional pre-treatments that can remove 95% of stains this all depends on the construction of the fibres and what caused the stain 

Step 4 – pre-conditioner solution

 This helps break down all the harden soiling and oily residue that has built up over time , we also use Eco products this is especially good for people with asthma or any sensitive to chemical solutions 

Step 5 – counter rotating brushing  (Agitation)

 We use a specialist machine called in the industry a (CRB) counter rotating brushing machine this lifts trodden down pile and gives the carpets a bouncier feel under foot , while also pulling out trapped hairs and embedded particles of so

Step 6 – Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

Now  we use a large machine known as  hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning this uses a balance of high pressure water and vacuums that rinse all the soiling and detritus out of you carpet recovering 95% of the water it uses , which mean you carpets will be fresh and clean and  dry in 2 to 4 hours  

 Step 7 – Post Grooming 

 We then groom the carpet to even out all the pile so it is stood up which will look neater and allow the fibres to dry very quickly

Step 8 –  Post Inspection

We inspect the carpet. We go over the carpet with you to make sure that you are  completely happy with the results .

At Tunny’s we pride ourselves on attention to detail and having pride in our work to ensure you are completely satisfied