Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

Bring your carpets back to life with a thorough cleaning from Tunny's. After we have finished cleaning you will be amazed at how amazing your carpet looks and feels.

Upholstery Cleaning

Let us help you bring your upholstery back to life with Tunny's upholstery cleaning service. Your upholstery will smell fresh and look like new when we are done.

Carpet Repair Service

Carpets tired or even ripped? we can fix that for you.

Rug Cleaning

Refresh that rug and make it feel like new again with a cleaning from Tunny's. Your rug will be left smelling fresh, clean and looking great with our quality rug cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning

Revive your mattress with Tunny's mattress cleaning service. Our mattress cleaning service leaves your mattress smelling great and looking like new.

Leather Cleaning & Restoration

Restore your car to its former glory with a car interior valeting service from Tunny's. Your car will feel like new after a complete interior cleaning from Tunny's.

Artificial Grass Cleaning

Get ready for summer with our Artificial Grass (or Astro Turf) cleaning services

Stain Removal

Restore your stained carpets and upholstery to their former glory with our professional stain removal service.

Special Offers

We have a couple of offers available at Tunny's such as our Triple Room Combo or our OAP discount, call now to find out more info and get a free no obligation quote.

Want To Know More ?

Take a look at all of our services in detail or contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.